Meet MT³ - It's hot!

At CaseMyWay we have painstakingly engineered an innovative and powerful bespoke print technology; Micron Transmat Thermal Technology or MT³ for short.

MT³ combines several leading edge print processes to graft your design permanently onto the entire surface area of your case. This gives peerless print quality and a brilliant, lasting finish.

Why is MT³ so smokin'?

This creates some of the most functional and beautiful cases in the world. How will you style yours?

  • Thermal printing methods

    permanently embed designs

  • 3D printing capability

    covers the entire case with your artwork

  • Micron μ Level Printing

    gives an extraordinary level of detail

  • Incomparable high resolution

    and rich print quality

  • Vibrant colors

    and full-tone striking finishes

  • Long lasting

    unlike a transfer your design won’t peel off